Main differences between automatic candle machine and manual candle machine

2024-06-05 16:25

Automatic candle making machine:

High degree of automation: It can automatically complete a series of candle making processes, including feeding, molding, demoulding, etc., reducing the workload of manual operation.

High production efficiency: It can produce candles continuously and quickly, suitable for large-scale production needs.

Relatively simple operation: You only need to set the parameters, the machine can run relatively stably, and the skills of the operator are not high.

High cost: The equipment itself is usually expensive, and the maintenance cost may also be relatively high.

Manual candle machine:

Rely on manual operation: Basically, all links require manual intervention and control, which is relatively more labor-intensive.

Low production efficiency: Due to the limitations of manual operation, the production speed will be slower.

Relatively low price: The purchase cost of equipment is generally lower than that of automatic.

Strong flexibility: The operation mode and rhythm can be adjusted more flexibly according to different needs, but at the same time, there are certain requirements for the experience and skills of the operator.

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