What are the advantages of candle function eliminating artificial wax?

2023-08-23 15:10

With the emergence of candle machines, the previous manual wax making was gradually eliminated. Why? Our company has analyzed the candle production equipment, which mainly includes: 1. The production efficiency of candle machines; 2. The cost of artificially manufacturing candle machines is too high; 3. The degree of standardization of candles is high. In the form of continuous development of various industries in recent years, with the continuous improvement of various production technologies, candle machines have changed from traditional to developed, which has improved the work efficiency of workers, and the quality of candles has also increased, reducing the labor intensity of workers.

In addition, the candle machine has excellent characteristics. It can quickly produce a large number of candle products in batches through an assembly line manufacturing method. With the emergence of candles with different colors and different needs, people gradually pay more attention to candle machines. In order to let customers better understand this situation, we list some basic parameters of candle machines:

1. The candle machine uses ordinary power supply: 220V2*2.2kW, constant temperature power: 220V2-3KW

2. Heat preservation measures: The wax tank has 4 layers of protection, which has a good heat preservation effect and is more energy-saving.

3. Wax temperature control: The temperature of each program is independently regulated, and the wax temperature is more uniform, making the product more beautiful and of course more popular. The whole process of heating supervision signal monitoring is more convenient and more humane.

4. Cooling method: natural cooling, strong chain drive + fixed slide rail, making the locomotive run more smoothly and without noise.

5. Candle machine automation: Candle length, size and taper are adjustable, and 4 procedures of waxing, reddish, cooling and ironing can be customized.

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