Auto Pillar Candle Making Machine

The automatic pillar candle Making Machine is combined with a hydraulic pneumatic and mechanical approach,the production process is safe and reliable, and the operator is reduced, and the production cost is reduced.

  • China
  • 15~30days
  • 50 Sets per Month
  • Information

This pillar candle making machine use powder wax as material to make candle as requierd size. Also the machine has heating function, so 100% palm wax / stearic acid can be used as material. Based on same diameter but different height, no need to change mould (candle top shape should be same). If different diameter, need to change mould. 

Also, by changing mould, can be used to make ball candle.

Auto Pillar Candle Making Machine

1000-1200pcs/hour(according to different candle size)
Candle specification
Diameter:max 4 inches ,Height:max 9 inches
Gross Weight
Power Supply

Machine Structural:

1.Powder wax feeding pump

2.Upper hydraulic cylinder

3.Upper punch

4.Powder wax box


6.Touch screen (control panel)

7.Electrical control box

8.Down hydraulic cylinder

Display screen and buttons instructions :

1.Touch screen: Adjust the specific parameters (including height / weight of the candle and the output. Also the feeding time of powder wax, heating temperature, the fault of machine, etc.

2.Emergency stop: Stop immediately when there is danger.


3.Fault: The indicator light will be on when the machine has fault.

4.Power supply indicator light.

5.Hydraulic pump ON button.

6.Machine automatic-ON button.

7.Enter the initial position. (for debugging the machine)

8.Heating system ON.

9.Hydraulic pump OFF button.

10.Machine automatic-OFF button.

11.Step-by-step operation of manually debugging.

12.Heating system OFF.

13.Manual / Automatic / Step switch.

14.Feeding switch.

15.Main power of the machine.

Operating processing:

1.Set all data for pillar candle and ball candle according to customer's require.

2.Inhale the ready powder wax into the powder wax box.

3.Pressing pillar candle or ball candle by the moving of upper / down punch and cavity.

4.Final products are taken out by mechanical arm, process end.

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